The best food to buy on Amazon

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Sometimes you just feel like you don’t want to go and shop at a market or you can’t find what you need. Well, buying food online can be easy when you know what your products are, but when all this is new to you, where should you start? Should you even look at The best food to buy on Amazon? We gathered some tips and products that we personally tested.

The best food to buy on Amazon

Look at the reviews !!!

Most of us look at the reviews ( the stars ) but try to see what the person wrote more often: sometimes the things that went wrong with someone are not determined “wrong” for you. For example, let’s say many people put 3 stars because the product was shipped with a lot of plastic. You’re fine with plastic but you don’t look at what reviews said and passed on the next product. You just missed an incredible product but you didn’t look at what the reviews said! Next time look at what the review says.

Don’t buy the products without packaging in the image!

This may seem weird but most of the products on AmazonFresh without packaging in the image have bad reviews. And the one WITH packaging has good reviews. What a coincidence! Even if this does not mean the shipper won’t put a package, this tells us that the shipper might not have a good looking package and so he doesn’t put it on the first image.

Use Whole Foods and Everyday 365

I like buying things at Whole Foods because it’s organic(most), great quality, and freshness. Whole Food is one of the only markets that sell Everyday 365. Also, the products in the whole foods sections have great reviews. And remember it is always better to buy things from a brand than from a random seller

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Don’t buy eggs, sodas(or water) and things that could melt

Eggs can easily break during transportation to your home. Water and sodas could get open or heated and ice cream and butter would just not stand the trip. Some products can be transported but others are just meant to be. Ask your self one question: ” will this product come to my home intact?”

Make sure to look at all of our selections!

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The best food to buy on Amazon


Boursin box

Boursin, Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese, 5.2 oz

I present to you the french cream cheese. This cheese is good on a loaf of fresh french bread. An easy dinner with toast creamed with Boursin.
Halos clementine

Wonderful Halos Mandarins, 3lb Bag

I love those clementines, always fresh and easy to peel. Perfect for lunches on the go. And cheap for the 3 lb.
Bag of spinach

365 Everyday Value, Organic Baby Spinach, 5 oz

A little spinach in a sandwich, a little in a salad, put spinach anywhere with 365 everyday. Triple wash and certified organic and vegan. Grown in the USA
The best food to buy on Amazon
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Sachiko Gerbi
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