What to invest in during recession

Stocks going down during re
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During this difficult time, everybody is seeing the coronavirus recession. You can see it coming and very frustrated investors have no way to know what to invest in, this blog will hopefully put you back on track. Here I will give you 2 tools that will hopefully (no guaranty) help beginners and professional investors continue investing some money.


Bullions are always the best thing to invest in during recessions. Precious metals tend to go up because people feel fear because everything is going crazy and they feel they don’t any control over anything! To regain the feel of control investors prefer to invest in something hard and solid and that always has value: Gold. But for amateurs and people who never invested in their life, trying to buy gold is very difficult if you don’t know where to do that. Of course, you won’t find 1 pound of gold on Amazon! But you will on the GoldRepublic! The Gold Republic lets you sell and buy precious metal.

Why you should invest in precious metal:
  • Precious metals are scarce. Its supply cannot be increased by a central bank or government, contrary to paper currencies. So it is safe from third party risk.
  • The gold price has quadrupled since 2000 while most stocks moved little.
  • Precious metals are very safe from the banking crisis.
Silver and gold bullion
Why the Gold Republic
  • You can buy gold, silver, and platinum
  • It is very easy to use
  • Get it shipped to your home or to their secured vaults which are 100% insured.
  • 100% ownership
  • Manage your portfolio online
  • Fast buyback guarantee

Click here to  go to the Gold Republic

Capitalist exploit

The capitalist exploit is not something to invest in! Capitalist exploits let you choose 3 membership to their newsletter. In their newsletter, those investors share the best stocks to buy right now. A very helpful tool during recessions. I guarantee you the people behind these amazing products are professionals business owners, investors. And their analysis? No computers involved, all manmade. In some of their services, you will even get a look at their own portfolio. They still have a rating of 9.4 out of 10 on Trustpilot even if their newsletter costs money.

Click here to go to Capitalist exploit


If you want to invest but don’t know where to start, Brokers is the first thing you should consider. Brokers are like real estate agents: to buy a house you go to a real estate. You ask for a house and then place a mortgage. The same thing happens when you want to buy stocks: You want to buy a stock, you go to your broker ask him that stock and then place your order. If the broker has that stock then he charges you fees. To choose the best broker get a popular broker that charges the lowest fees. Remember your most banks might let you buy stocks.

3 good brokers:

What to invest in during recession
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