Why you need Honey

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Honey is a money saver. After you shop, it applies the best coupons it can find. It’s like giving you free money. Already millions of people have and trust it. Most of the time you save 5% but sometimes up to 20% on the brands you love. But that’s not all it comes with more options:

Honey gold

When you get Honey you get 100 Honeygold. Honeygold is the virtual money of Honey which 100 golds are worth $1.You need 1000 golds ($ 10) to redeem them as gift cards or donate to charity. You earn golds when you shop at their partners’ shop.

Honeygold bonus

Another way to get golds is to shop at a specific site and time and you’ll get a bonus! golds!

Hand holding cash they made with honey


Honey can also detect if the price of the product you want to buy changed over the 30 last day. It asks you if you want to add t to your droplist. Your droplist is the list of products you are waiting for the price to change. When it does you get a notification so you can buy it.

You can get this fast money saver in just 2 clicks! and it’s free!

Click here to download Honey

If you don’t want to download it you can check other of our blogs which are also money saver and free


Why you need Honey
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